Repainting Furniture Tips To Remember



A common project that many people do on their own is repainting furniture. There are many good reasons why you might consider repainting furniture that you have. It will save you money, help enhance the look of the furnishings that you already own, and help you match your overall decor by changing the color of the furniture that you need to repaint. When you go through this process, there are a few tips to remember to get the job done correctly.

You need to sand down the furniture as much as possible to get a better quality job once finished. If there is already paint or finish on the item, you might have to strip this away first them do your sanding. This properly prepares the furniture for the painting process.

The furniture needs to be level while painting for best results. If it’s a bit off center, place something under once of the legs and get it level and balanced. This will make the process much easier as a piece of moving furniture is difficult to paint.

If there are cracks in the furniture, use glue to help fill them in. The paint will cover the glue very well which will result in great looking almost brand new furnishings when you are done.

Whenever you are repainting furniture, it’s best to work with layers. Using a coat at a time and letting it dry will give you the best final results. While this can take a bit longer than trying to use heavy coats of paints, you will get the type of outcomes that you are really wanting with this tip.

Whenever you are using a certain type of paint, you should read and follow the instructions carefully. If you do things out of order, it can make your repainting not look as good as it could have been. This also makes a big difference in the overall quality of the work that you are putting into it.

Do your best to carefully follow these tips whenever you are repainting furniture. This will help you get results you are looking for getting almost brand new looking furnishings.

One final thing one should note when learning how to repaint furniture is that you with this ability can paint furniture for friends and family as well, making you a true friend, when they need one. Offering to repaint someones furniture is also a great birthday gift!


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