Outdoor Furniture Tips – Opt For Waterproofing For Proper


What steps should you take if you want to make your outdoor furniture waterproof? Remember, you will have to protect your furniture from water even if you intend to store it inside during the rainy or the winter season.

This is because the humidity in the air will affect the furniture even when it is very hot outside. Hence, certain level of waterproofing is essential. If you intend to use the furniture in a garden, then you must keep in mind that the earth will become moist when you water the plants.

This may not affect your furniture immediately but you can be rest assured that the damage that takes place over a period of time will be very harmful. As far as wooden furniture and metal furniture is concerned, it is important to use waterproof paint and the right accessories to protect the furniture from moisture.

As far as wooden furniture is concerned, you should go in for rubber base that will be screwed to the bottom of the furniture. This will increase the height of the furniture by few inches and will provide a waterproof barrier which will prevent moisture on the ground from entering the furniture.

As far as the body of the furniture is concern, you will have to paint it properly. When you choose your paint, make sure that it is oil based as it will ripple water. If you have any doubts, make it a point to confirm and clarify with the seller whether the paint is suitable for outdoor furniture before proceeding.

Of course, you should avoid paint that is too strong and filled with too many chemicals that will spoil the furniture itself. It is advisable to have a box of paint in hand at all times. This is because a scratch or a crack may result in moisture affecting the furniture and rusting it or destroying it completely.

If you have a box of paint at home, you will find it easier to simply add a touch so that the problem is taken care of even before it arises. Irrespective of the quality of paint used, you will have to take a look at the level of wear and tear.

It is advisable to repaint the furniture ones in six months or once in a year. Depending on the quality of the job and the quantity of furniture, you can either give this a try yourself or you can employ professionals for this task.


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